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Methods in tropical reefs monitoring

(7th Reef Check course at Bangka Island)

Granting of scholarships

Reef check Italia onlus offers 5 grants to partially cover the accommodation costs to the most deserving undergraduate students and young (<28 yrs.) graduate biologists or naturalist on the basis of their CV, including diver qualifications and previous volunteer experiences.

1st place = € 800.00 (i.e. full board accommodation and dives)
2nd place = € 700.00
3rd place = € 600.00
4th place = € 500.00
5th place = € 400.00

The scholarship will be deducted from the cost of the full board accommodation and dives.


Grant acceptance has to be confirmed by the winners as soon as possible and in any case within the 22nd of June 2018, by sending all the required document (to and paying the non-refundable deposit fee of € 200,00 Reef Check Italia onlus either by PayPal (to or by bank transfer (to Reef Check Italia onlus, IBAN: IT08K0311113319000000010004 BIC/SWIFT: BLOPIT22).

If not confirmed within the due date, the grant will be assigned to the next persons scrolling through the list, increasing the grant of the following winners and adding further beneficiaries.

Rank Applicant Status
1 Chaterine Kim Withdrawn
2 Vittoria Cipriani Confirmed
3 Torcuato Pulido Mantas Confirmed
4 Antonietta d'Agnessa Confirmed
5 Camilla Roveta Confirmed
6 Andrea Torresan Waiting list
7 Federica Manca Waiting list
8 Jennifer Tersteegen Waiting list
9 Erica Callegaro Waiting list
10 Massimiliano Venezia Waiting list
11 David Eider Waiting list
12 Luca Cirino Waiting list
13 Melissa Thaler Waiting list
na Consuelo Vicariotto Not eligible
na Claudia Miglietta Not eligible

Documents and application forms

With scholarship (by 31 May, 2018)

RCI Bangka 2018 Course announcement
RC Bangka 2018 - Course announcement.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.5 MB
RCI Bangka 2018 Application Form
RC Bangka 2018 - Application form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 608.0 KB

Without scholarship

RC Bangka 2018 - Course announcement without scholarship
RC Bangka 2018 - Course announcement - l
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.5 MB
RC Bangka 2018 - Application form without scholarship
RC Bangka 2018 - Application form - late
Adobe Acrobat Document 428.5 KB