MAC Sommerso

Protocollo di Monitoraggio dell'Ambiente Costiero Mediterraneo sommerso

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Data is distributed under Creative Common attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0), which allows for free sharing and adaptation, giving appropriate credit to the Reef Check Mediterranean network

Last update: 23/04/2023

RCMed_2001_2021: Reef Check Med - key Mediterranean marine species 2001-2020

Ponti, M., Turicchia, E., Rossi, G., Cerrano, C., 2021. Reef Check Med - key Mediterranean marine species 2001-2020. Dataset maintained by Reef Check Italia onlus, EMODnet Biology data portal.

Data collected according to the protocol:

Turicchia E, Ponti M, Rossi G, Milanese M, Di Camillo CG, Cerrano C (2021) The Reef Check Mediterranean Underwater Coastal Environment Monitoring protocol. Front Mar Sci 8 (go to the protocol web page)